Creative-Expressive Therapies



  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Expand Personal/Emotional Awareness
  • Develop expression
  • Nourish Inner Resources
  • Support your healing process



Women are unique beings in that we have a strong inner guidance, however we don't always know how to pay attention to it.

Creative-Expressive therapies can support us in developing connection to our deeper story and the wisdom and support we carry within us.


Expressive Art therapy has been used for healing and transformation for many centuries across a multitude of cultures, and is now commonly used in various therapeutic settings. Offering support, development and healing through a variety of issues and experiences, including Anxiety & Depression, Grief, Trauma, Low self esteem , self expression and personal growth.


A wonderful alternative to the conventional counselling experience for those looking to explore new or creative pathways through their healing and development process.

You don't need to be 'creative' to find a multitude of benefits in this practice, it requires no artistic talent with simple to follow processes supported by your therapist.


If you haven't tried expressive therapies before, make an appointment to explore how this powerful practice can nourish and empower YOU!