Supporting Womens Growth and Empowerment


Lilac Tree is a specialist Counselling and Wellness Service dedicated exclusively to the support and empowered growth of Women.


Understanding women have unique needs, challenges and desires,

we are passionate about providing nourishing space for YOU with access to quality

therapeutic care and powerful expressive tools for self loving, authentic living.


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Transform Anxiety

Many women experience varying levels of Anxiety, symptoms can show up in many different ways. They can include feelings of overwhelm, fearful and worrying... Read more...

Jodie Davies

Director and Principal Therapist Jodie Davies has passionately supported women and their communities through healing and transformation for more than 10... Read more...

The Self Esteem Recipe

What is Self Esteem? -Your personal emotional evaluation of your value and worth Read more...

Your Self Care Kick Start Program!

Start your journey NOW to an Authentic, Empowered YOU. Learn foundation skills for healthy self esteem Read more...

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