" With Jodie's guidance and tools such as Art Therapy, I was able to find and see my inner self in a way that enabled me to heal some very old and deep wounds. I still reflect on my time spent with her and credit what I learnt in helping me to deal with everyday life situations in a positive and self nurturing way. I couldn't recommend Jodie highly enough to anyone who is looking for a space to heal and find your authentic self"

Fleur Charles- former Counselling/Arts Therapy Client



"My time spent with Jodie has been immeasurably priceless. I have learned so much from the tools she has given me, and see a clear and lasting change in the way I feel about myself, and the way I live my life. I felt confident with her from our very first session as it was genuinely important to her that her approach was the right one I was looking for. Jodie was always prepared to work with me, respectfully and kindly providing support and guidance in all our sessions..I am so happy that I made the choice to start working with her and highly recommend her services to anyone. I feel such stability and self assurance, I am evolving into the person I always wanted to be and developing a life I always wanted to live."

Sonja Lovig- Counselling/Psychotherapy-Arts Therapy Client



"Experiencing Art Therapy has been and continues to be a wonderful way for me to express myself . Colours, Shapes, Lines and Textures seem to do a much better job describing my feelings, when I can’t find the right words to articulate them."

Adriana Tomaino – Art Therapy participant



“I had been through the cycle of psychologists and depression medication, but not until I had seen Jodie for a few counselling sessions did I really get any relief. I feel stronger in myself and credit that to my journey with her. I recommend her to anyone that suffers from Dis-ease, Depression or Anxiety. She will make a difference."


Robyn Allan -former Counselling/Psycotherapy client and Women's Group participant


"Jodie's core messages for me and my journey are:

-That we already have the answer's inside of ourseleves, they just need unscrambling

-That I will make change when I'm ready, to trust my process

-That there is always another way to approach a problem and I can do it with Love and forgiveness for myself"


Dr Linda Wilson -former Womens Journey Group participant