Start your journey NOW to an Authentic, Empowered YOU.


Learn foundation skills for healthy self esteem

Develop inner listening and personal empathy

Learn to embrace and value your emotional experience

Connect with powerful and nourishing creative resources

Put YOU back on the map of your life!


Creative Self Care  Kick-Start Program

This unique program sets your course for living with authenticity and new personal power. It will teach you the keys to developing greater levels of self esteem and personal compassion, and give you the tools and skills you need to become a champion of your own self care.


Through guided personal development exercises and creative- expressive processes you will begin to feel a new or renewed connection to your inner resources and will nourish and deepen your relationship with YOU. So you can feel empowered to take the steps you need to create a wholehearted, authentic life that you love!

The program is all about you, you will be mentored and supported through 4 private individual sessions with Psychotherapist Jodie Davies.


(Sessions are either weekly or fortnightly, with both day and evening appointment options available)

For inquires or to book your program sessions email us via our contact page

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