The collection, storage and release of information by Lilac Tree, is covered by the Privacy Act 1988.

In general, this means that personal information about you, including the fact that you have visited us, Lilac Tree, or have enlisted the assistance of Lilac Tree within an organization, will not be released to anyone without your consent.

However, you should also be aware that information relevant to your care and well-being may be shared between health professionals, so health professionals can work together to provide you with the best possible care.

In addition, legally and ethically, Lilac Tree may be required to release information in the following circumstances


  • If it is necessary to protect you or someone else from imminent danger;
  • In response to subpoena, summons or written demand from an administrative body, organisation or Commonwealth authority with the power to request information;
  • Where law requires your personal information to be disclosed, such as for the enforcement of criminal law or if you have a health condition which must be notified;
  • Or as part of the support process to determine the best possible avenues, with your personal information being withheld, to assist you, your family, group or organisation