Many women experience varying levels of Anxiety, symptoms can show up in many different ways. They can include feelings of overwhelm, fearful and worrying thoughts and a variety of physical symptoms such as; chest tightness, breathing difficulty, a racing heart, stomach upset, trembling, sweating and muscle tension. Symptoms can also include compulsive and erratic behaviors and feelings of Panic. It can feel like we have little control over our body and mind when anxiety is present.



Some anxiety is actually healthy, as our body's way of letting us know to pay attention to our needs, to keep us safe from emotional, mental and physical harm. Internal and external stresses are part of life, however ongoing stressful experience and reoccurring anxiety symptoms can seriously affect our health and wellbeing.



Why am I anxious?

Anxiety can occur for a variety of reasons with emotional, mental and physical causes. Most commonly we develop symptoms of anxiety over time when not attending to our needs and deeper feeling experience, our body and mind will then attempt to compensate and develop unbalanced responsive patterns to life experience. This is a common story for women, who are great experts at bracketing out how they feel, and shifting focus to external responsibilities. Anxiety symptoms can at times be present for many years before we develop genuine awareness of our experience. Patterns of anxiety can originate in childhood for a variety of reasons however we can also develop symptoms through ongoing stress, physical illness or after traumatic experience.



How we can support you

Lilac Tree's holistic approach to healing Stress and Anxiety addresses both symptoms and underlying causes. We support you in developing powerful self-care tools that help manage your symptoms, and walk with you through any possible underlying cause, toward lasting healing. Anxiety is challenging however it can be the alarm that awakens you into new awareness and a deeper more empowered relationship with Life.