Empowering  Women



When a woman is connected to her Feminine Power . . .


She has become the most authentic version of herself

She has discovered her higher purpose or calling

She has confidence in her own ability to create the resources she needs to thrive

She has relationships that mirror her value

She has a richly rewarding personal life filled with intimacy and connection

She is spiritually connected and attuned to her own inner compass

She's able to attract the support she needs to fulfill her highest calling

She has the ability to empower others in her family, community, the larger world and more . . .


- Claire Zammit & Katherine Woodward Thomas - Feminine Power

EVERY woman is pregnant with Powerful Potential

The world desperately needs us to step into our full and unique expression of who we are, and the time is NOW. We have been moving through life without each other, and many of us without the mentoring and skills we need to claim our personal power and the essential wisdom that lies within.


Here at Lilac Tree we understand how deeply important support and community are for women. We value the inherent qualities of the feminine, of feeling, of creativity, and of Process. Our approach to your healing and growth begins with creating space for you where you feel honored and supported. Our intent is to empower you with a deep understanding of YOU, to connect you with new inner and outer resources, and to mentor and guide you through struggle and stress toward healing and empowered transformation.