What Does Counselling offer?


  • Greater levels of self esteem
  • The development of new life skills and perspectives
  • Space for YOU
  • Techniques to manage Anxiety & Depression
  • Better relationships with those you Love
  • Movement through pain and struggle into new ways of being



Counselling is a 'talking' therapy space for YOU, where you receive unconditional objective support and guidance through personal challenges and life transitions. Where you can develop deeper personal awareness, acquire new skills and get connected to resources.

The culture we live often overlooks our emotional, mental and spiritual (deeper) needs.  As a result many women find themselves 'pushing on' through challenges, trying to navigate their personal/emotional life without the support or awareness of important resources.


Counselling is a powerful life tool, a proactive and productive self care space where you can heal, get clear, become truly empowered and grow toward becoming the woman you really want to be.


The Counselling experience at Lilac Tree

Our approach is centered in building a trusted and nourishing therapeutic relationship where you feel genuinely supported. The counsellor offers empathy and listening through your current experience,  supporting you in discerning your deeper needs and tailoring your process to suit you. Our philosophy honors your personal wisdom and aims to empower you with choice through your experience, with a deep respect for your individual growth and healing process.

Lilac Tree's  female therapists offer a high standard of care and are trained in a variety of professional counselling techniques, including cognative therapies that explore your thinking, belief and behaviors, emotion focused therapies to support you through feeling, and the added benefit of specialties in expressive approaches that support the development of important self awareness and sustainable healing.


You can read more about our Holistic Integrated approach on our why lilac tree? page


Your first Session

Your first session is all about exploring what is happening for you and establishing your needs and intention. Its also about exploring whether your therapist and her approach feels right for you. As with most new relationships sometimes a sense of ease can take time to establish. Lilac Tree believes it is important you find the right space for your healing and growth and aim to support you in this experience.


We are mindful that the information you share with us is personal and private, Read here about how your confidentiality is protected