What is Self Esteem?

-Your personal emotional evaluation of your value and worth





Do you feel worthy of a life you LOVE?

Do you know what makes you uniquely valuable to the world?

Do you feel free to be fully expressed in who you are?



Self value lies at the core of what what determines the life we live. How you feel about YOU has influence over every choice you make. Our experiences, particularly that of our younger self can develop powerful beliefs, causing emotional, mental and physical responses that can govern the course of our lives .

Are you making choices that honor and support your genuine needs and desires?

Our culture places limited value and focus on our personal emotional education, leaving us to navigate through our inner life without a map. Along with this challenge, women and growing girls are consistently battered with stories of body image and dis-empowering ideas of our value. And most powerfully, our world speaks loudly to us that what we need to feel great, to be happy and fulfilled is outside of ourselves. Learning compassionate self relating is an essential foundation for healthy self esteem.

The missing Ingredients

Know your story

Develop and Value your feeling experience- 'Emotional Literacy'

Grow your Inner and Outer Resources

Embrace Vulnerability and Compassion

Connect with your Passion and Purpose

Share your unique self with the world


As we grow in awareness of our personal story, and the creativity and power that lies within every emotional experience, we begin to develop new self loving, compassionate ways of being that allow us to heal and grow our authentic voice. We discover our personal strengths, desires and passions, and that which makes each one of us uniquely valuable, coming to embrace life with new presence, power and purpose.